Restvo makes life less stressful and more meaningful in local churches, conversations, and communities.

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OUr Vision

Why Restvo?

At Restvo, we help church communities to build deeper relationships and people all across the world to stay connected intuitively and easily.

Why Restvo?

Over 90% of people living in the US have their phones within reach 24/7. Restvo is a relationship platform that helps churches and communities to build deeper relationships in their local communities. Our app is a simple way for people to discover their spiritual gifts, God-given personality, connect with mentors, join small groups, share life together, give to causes, and so much more...

Download Restvo for free!

Restvo is and will always be free to download, use, and share with others! Feel free to invite your pastoral team, small group members, coworkers you want to invite, and friends that you want to stay in contact with to join you on Restvo. Start enjoying the little things in life more, developing deeper relationships, and become a part of our rapidly growing Restvo community!

How can Restvo help?

What makes Restvo different? We believe building deeper relationships and stronger local communities is vital to growth. Restvo is the only relationship platform built for healthy church growth by pastors.

Dreamed up by Pastors

Two pastors dreamed up the vision of Restvo because they saw that the church desperately needed a relationship platform for growth.

Developed for Churches

Restvo is developed to help churches build stronger community but our free app is freely available to anyone who wants to build deeper relationships.

Designed for Relationship

Our mobile and web app is designed to take you deeper in your relationships using the latest technology to guide you into meaningful conversations.

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Restvo Stories

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Join Restvo today by simply downloading our free app and invite others to join you in building deeper personal relationships and stronger local communities.

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"Restvo is hands-down the best app for building relationships."

James Brown — Student

“I didn't think there was a good tool for building personal relationships but Restvo has been wonderful for our community.”

Lizzie Moore — Church Staff

“Restvo is truly restful. It gives me insight into creating meaningful conversations and building community.”

Victoria McCoy — Teacher

“There is no better tool in my opinion to build relationship, small groups, and connect people together”

Leroy Sims — Pastor
Restvo Team

Who Are We?

We are a team that believes that life is less about the number of followers you have and more about the quality of friends you have. Our team culture is founded on the vision that work is more fun and meaningful when we work hard, play hard, and balance both together.

Alexander Sung
Calvin Ho
Tommy Kaar
Engineering Intern
Moriah Tolliver
Engineering Intern
Monali Mirel Chautico
UX/UI Intern
Beijo Lee
Social Media Intern
Jonathan Date-Chong
Engineering Intern
Leah Sung
UX/UI Designer
Amanda Devecchi
Social Media Intern

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