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What Makes Restvo Unique?

What makes Restvo different? We are a faith-filled community dedicated to building deeper and more meaningful relationships with modern technology.

We believe that technology can help us build deeper personal relationships with friends, family, and coworkers (not just to get us more followers).

Web App

The #1 church growth tool for pastors, leaders, and administrators with in-depth analytics plus insights for church growth.

Mobile Applications

Our free app is the only relationship platform that gives custom recommendations for both personal and small group growth.

Branding & Identity

Want to brand your church on the app? No problem! You can create your own church and community profile within Restvo.

Web Development

Our awesome team is dedicated to serving the local church and global Church by developing the best technology for ministry.

Church Data Analytics

Have you ever wanted a easy snapshot of your church growth and giving? Our Restvo app and webapp takes care of that for you!

Maximize Your Outreach

Reaching your neighbors is challenging in today's society. Restvo maximizes your outreach in your local community!

Restvo Vision

Smart, Simple, and Restful

Our vision is to empower local churches to be more effective in reaching their local communities. We understand how difficult ministry is! Restvo is designed by two pastors who have a huge passion helping people build relationships and also become more restful in everyday life.

Restvo Platform

Personal Growth & Team Tool

Restvo is the #1 personal relationship and community growth tool. Our unique platform continual improves thru an innovative process of research, design, development, and support giving you personal insights into your personal growth and small group health.

Restvo Clients

Trusted by churches
and communities

Checkout all of our clients who love using Restvo. You can hear more real-life story examples by checking out our Testimonials page.

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