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The Restvo Vision

What makes Restvo different?

At Restvo, we help church communities to build deeper relationships and people all across the world to stay connected intuitively and easily.

Build Local Community

Modern culture has rapidly experienced a loss of local community as people are connecting less in-person and more on screens. We are creating a solution to build deeper relationships and help local communities to grow closer together.

Have Meaningful Conversation

Our mobile app and website platform allows you to engage in one on one meaningful conversations as well as group chats. You will enjoy personal recommendations and tips to stay engaged with the friends, groups, and family members in your life.

Deepen Your Relationships

We believe building stronger local communities comes from building stronger personal relationships. Using our app, you can create meaningful conversations and deepen your relationships with your friends, family, small group, and coworkers.

Designed for Social Good

At Restvo, we believe everyone deserves to experience meaningful relationships and community for free. Our app is and will always be free to download on the Apple Store and Google Play store. Our hope is you can use this tool to connect deeper with those you care about.

Share Your Messages Easily

Easily upload and share important events, videos, messages, photos, using your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. We understand the importance of being able to communicate to your members and also outreach to those in your local community.

Innovation Leading to Connection

Restvo gives you personal recommendations based upon your personality, your values, and your background. Using our Premium service, you also will receive invaluable data to help you grow your ministry, manage your small groups, and outreach to visitors.
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